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Homeowners Receive Cash Quickly with this Loan Alternative!

MV Realty's Homeowner Benefit Program® offers between $300-$5000 cash without taking out a loan.

  • Homeowners Pre-Qualify

  • No Obligation to Sell Your Home

  • Payouts in 24 Hours or Less

  • Personal Loan Alternative

  • No Need to Borrow or make payments

  • Absolutely NO Credit Check

Get Between $300-$5,000

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Our Goal is to Build a Relationship for the Future

See what some of our recent customers received

Rosa in Tampa
Janay in Boynton B$2,000
Adriana in Miami
Steve in Boca Raton
95% Connor in Wellington    $1,050
88% Kenneth in Ft. Lauderdale   $2,250
100% Jorge in Boca Raton   $1,450
100% Sonny in Pompano B.   $4,000

See what people have to say about the Homeowner Benefit Program ®

Amy R.

Just wanted to let you know that today alone allowed me to fill the car with gas and make a monthly payment on our life insurance. Thank you so much."

Janet V.

They are very knowledgeable and professional and very gimmicks and where straight to point, I got my money the same day and she even came to my house to drop it off.

Ernst L.

I was so thrilled to learn about this program and so happy to sign as a home advantage member. This is so innovative. You are great people to do business with, you are very honest and reliable.

Sim T.

It was hard for Doug and I to believe, but MV Realty really will pay you, without you having to sell your home! It's true – Doug and I just got a check yesterday! It's crazy!

Beth V.

Wonderful new and innovative ways to secure your Realtor® in advance, should anything come up, you are all set to get your home sold , by Them.!! Smart thinking, thinking out of the Box!! Think ahead, cross this one off the list!

Michael K.

Great concept, a proactive approach to marketing real estate. I'm sure when we are ready to sell we will be very happy with their results.

Philip A.

So professional. Thorough. Friendly & knowledgeable. Wow! Recommended!!!


MV Realty will pay you to work with us when you’re ready.
Here’s some of the benefits to joining the Homeowner Benefit Program ®:

Cash Payout in Less Than 24 Hours

Great for home renovations or repairs, unexpected expenses, life emergencies, travel, spontaneous purchases, or savings.

Absolutely No Credit Check Required

This is not a financing plan or loan, so your credit history is not applicable.

Get Cash without Borrowing

This innovative approach offers a great way to receive quick cash without taking out a loan, paying interest, or having monthly payments.

Full Time Real Estate Agent on Your Side

You get a dedicated resource for any of your real estate needs. You can find out the current market value of your home, new homes selling in your area, and current market trends.

No Requirement to Sell Your Home

There is no requirement to sell. You keep this money no matter what, even if you never decide to sell your home.

Build Relationships with Innovative Local Experts

Gain home improvement recommendations to maximize the investment in your home, gain access to trusted local providers, and stay informed on a constantly changing real estate market.

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The Homeowner Benefit Program ® is a one-of-a-kind, innovative program that allows homeowners the chance to receive an immediate cash payment by agreeing that MV Realty will be your Real Estate agency if and when you decide to sell your home in the future.

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About Us

About MV Realty

MV Realty PBC, LLC. is a professional and innovative real estate firm located in the heart of Delray Beach. As a residential real estate agency, we spend a lot of time and resources building relationships with clients. In the end, only a small percentage are actually ready to buy or sell a home. Of the clients that are ready, the relationship typically ends once the home is sold. While there is nothing wrong with this process, we felt there was something missing. So we're offering something new.

The Homeowner Benefit Program ®, Where Agents Pay You.

We're taking a fresh approach to real estate by giving value back to homeowners and building our business for the future. This innovative program allows us to create a long term relationship with our clients, well before a home is sold. To solidify that relationship, we're willing to pay you and in exchange you agree to use our services in the future.

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